Might As Well Enjoy It 

Exhibited 6.17.2014 - New York City for one night only at Niagara; 112 Avenue A from 8pm to 11pm. The projection was accompanied by a live scored performance from guitarist Jack Ridley III. 

Exhibited 7.29.14 - London for one night only at Doomed Gallery; 65-67 Ridley Road from 6pm to 9pm. 

Press Release from London Exhibition:

In his first solo exhibition in London, Pete Voelker (b. 1987, Baltimore MD) moves away from portraiture and into the realm of street and documentary photography. Over five hundred images taken from those Voelker has collated since he settled in New York City six years ago will be presented; projected in the space accompanied by a musical score from guitarist Jack Ridley III.All shot on 35mm film, the images Voelker presents constitute a visual essay; a continuous and undulating stream that narrates his years observing the crossed streets of Manhattan and her inhabitants. For Voelker, the personality of the city emanates through its subtle changes, and he consistently re-visits familiar sites to document the development: a splash of paint across a sidewalk in the East Village or the fading colour of a graffiti tag represent just two examples. While a new building may be erected on Bowery or Delancey, it is instead the accidental visual fluctuations in his surroundings that intrigue Voelker. Often the result of fast or violent moments of chance; a car crash, a spillage, these markings take on a life of their own, participating in the landscape of New York for as long as their human inhabitants, and similarly relate and respond to the city’s changing states and seasons.

Voelker has updated and added to the original exhibition for the viewing in London. By adding 50 images he photographed in London, he helps bridge the gap of city life across the atlantic.